About Us

This is indeed a matter of blessing that we i.e. Muhammad Behzad Akhtar and Ali Murtaza are trying to make this blog something positive to be blessed with. Ali Raza being a software engineer and me i.e.Behzad being a mechanical engineer, we could not have made this blog a success due to our professional commitments if there had not been the blessing from the creator of Shahab Nama i.e. Qudrat Ullah Shahab RA, and the love and wishes of the people who have been the readers of this book and lovers/followers of Q U Shahab RA.

Why we started this blog?

The answer lies in the awkward behavior of facebook with the fanpage of Q U Shahab RA. It was our desire and then suggested by so many of our readers to start uploading this revolutionary book i.e. Shahab Nama on the page. With grace of God, we started this but one day I came to know that 36 pages had been deleted by facebook without any prior notice.

I was a bit shocked but then  one of our blessed friends i.e. Ghulam Nabi Shah from Kashmir suggested to have a blog. All shahab nama should be uploaded on this blog. I started working on this suggestion because this was a bit better and smart way to have things on the desired way.

This can not be a success until and unless all the readers support us and remember us in prayers if they feel we are worthy of it. Allah bless you all.

Muhammad Behzad Akhtar
Ali Murtaza